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Programme of study

The minimum duration of architectural programme shall be 5 academic years or 10 Semesters of approximately 16 working weeks each, inclusive of six months / one semester of approximately 16 working weeks of practical training after the first stage in a professional office.    

The architecture course is conducted in two stages.

  1. The first 3 academic years comprising 6 semesters of approximately 16 working weeks each is the 1st stage of the basic programme. The candidates shall have to complete the first stage within 5 years of their admission to the B. Arch programme .
  2. The second stage of the course shall be of 2 academic years/ 4 semesters of approximately 16 working weeks each.


If class/ division are not awarded, a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate shall be considered equivalent to first class/ division OR in a grade point system the CGPA will be converted into equivalent marks as given in the table.

Grade point       Percentage of Marks
6.25                      55
6.75                      60
7.25                      65
7.75                      70
8.25                      75

• Semester End Examination:
The end of semester examination is mandatory. The grade for courses can be awarded only after successful completion of both Internal Assessment and End Semester Examination of the respective courses as per the scheme of the examination by:
• Class Committee         •    Section Committee
• Faculty Advisors, Design Proctors and Student Proctors

about TSAP