about TSAP
about TSAP

Welcome to TSAP, We believe learning at TSAP is a special experience. The knowledge and the quality management systems, that we adopt here ensures an ambience for learning, thereby achieving development of understanding to apply the knowledge, soft/ life and professional skills to the real world. We at TSAP aim to bridge the gap between professional practice and academics. Our dynamic team of faculty and staff are committed to catalyze the process, for you to become an innovative leader who will, in turn, help global communities to flourish. We believe education occurs through memorable experiences inside and outside of the classroom. These experiences enable build your character, and enrich you to create connections and forge partnerships that will last a lifetime.
The rapid growth of urbanization, along with the evolution of new systems of knowledge, technologies and management, has created a demand for professionally qualified and  skillfully trained architects as project managers, team leaders and innovators of societal transformation. The changing role of Architecture education, in this era of competent development, is to sustain growth potentials, while addressing the need of the society appropriately and sustainably as global citizens of world wide family.
The program of architecture at TSAP is committed of playing a leading role in architecture practice, by being regionally sensitive as well as being globally aware, through a critical discourse of architectural inquiry, critque and debates. TSAP strives to maintain a prominent and active community searching for continuous excellence in teaching, research, and professional practice. Central to the objectives established by the curriculum, design is addressed as a research-oriented activity that engages critical thinking, aimed to demstify the gap between theory and practice, as socially inclusive efforts, with responsibility and coherence with  the realm of people centric view.  At TSAP, we strive, to achieve excellence in all programs and curriculum by  cultivating pedagogy of process,  as a rationale behind the final product. It is a constant endeavour to improve management and organizational systems by adopting a process of re-inventing methodologies, by reviews and innovation, so as to establish culture for achieving a centre of excellence.
Our educational philosophy is a continuum of quest towards achieving a "cultural identity" by integrating "traditional‟ and "modern" aspiration-al tensions. The goal of the program is to enable a supportive, diverse and professional environment that fosters the creative development of all faculty and students.
We view architecture, as a discipline that inquires in to artistic exuberance, as well as professional aspirations. It is envisaged, that the students at TSAP shall be encouraged to stimulate artistic sensitivity, as well as creative abilities along with analytical skills, to innovatively address as a key player, in the problem solving process by achieving competence in development of life long learning.


Prof. Ar.Dhiraj N. Salhotra



about TSAP