about TSAP
Aspire to emerge as a distinguished Institute known to nurture Socially Responsible Creative, Innovative and Competent professionals through Universal Human Value-based education.



To emerge as a pioneering Institute.

To facilitate and nurture virtues of Research, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

To develop competency in application of appropriate contemporary technologies.

To provide Sustainable, Environment friendly & Affordable solutions for the benefit of the Society.


  • To continuously enhance quality of education through review and innovation To assert role as an educational institute with holistic focus.
  • To strive hard to align all its processes with the purpose and context.
  • To align with educational organization objectives by creating a team of dedicated professionally oriented and socially aware mentors to achieve values and mission of the institute.
  • Takes into account relevant educational, scientific and technical developments to adapt to best practices in Profession.
  • To address industry preparedness, employability and proficiency in field knowledge.
  • To maintain technologically advanced infrastructure facilities.
  • To strive to maintain a conducive and progressive learning environment.
  • To describe and includes a commitment towards managing intellectual property
  • To address diversity of students from various backgrounds
  • To include a commitment to satisfy the organization's social responsibility by addressing societal concerns and response to local, regional needs of the society at large.
  • To observe a commitment to satisfy the organization's social responsibility, and safety and security in all endeavours.
  • To include a commitment to protect the Intellectual property of all the stakeholders of the organization.



  • Integrity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Transparency
  • Discipline
  • Quality
  • Research & Innovation
  • Team Spirit
  • Passion
  • Intellectual Ethics
  • Humane Touch


about TSAP