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Philosophy of the School

Architecture studies at TSAP will be a form of intervention in the environment, and TSAP will build architects with the ability to affect people’s physical surroundings. We at TSAP believe that architecture is an aesthetic practice producing physical objects and structures to enable and improve everyday life. Therefore, architecture should be produced through artistic, social, technological and sustainable competences, and must be based on profound academic knowledge. Architects and architectural teachers must create a common future for students of architecture.

Architecture is a subject where periodic scientific invention always intertwines with artistic innovation, synthesis and communication. Architecture studies at TSAP will provide the scope to access a wide range of knowledge pertaining to technical matters, humanities, social and economic planning to complement artistic development. Our goal is to educate designers with a serious commitment to design, aesthetics, structural and construction systems, adaption to contemporary technologies and services, intellectual property rights, ethics politics, society and sustainability. Budding architects will be made to strive for better living and a better world; TSAP commits to this through research & development of new strategies, directions, philosophies, materials and products that pertain to contemporary times and are sustainable. Faculty at TSAP with a critical approach towards the understanding of modern architecture, will find a basis in the convention and history of Indian and world architecture and formulate a platform of rethinking, students at TSAP learn and work with project based learning systems. The studios of architecture, laboratory of architecture and construction yard are the place of experiment and contribution to professional inventions and innovations.

The need of this hour “Sustainable design and construction”, need to be integrated with design thinking, strong aesthetic and structural awareness in order for further development and the components that make an architectural piece of works sustainable.

We at TSAP have a conviction that builds future genera architects with abilities and expertise in aesthetic, environment, technological and social responsibility to participate in the development of a sustainable future.



TSAP Philosophy